The Image Connection: Color your Consult – A 360 approach to connecting with your clients and building your business

DO YOU WANT TO BETTER CONNECT WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS? Connecting with your customers results in increased client satisfaction, services booked and retail sold.

Selling is all about connecting. Studies have shown that when people buy, they base that decision on emotions and follow it up with logic. That’s why selling is an art, not a science and part of that science is understanding each personality and connecting. Award winning author Stu Schlackman has teamed up with IMAGE Skincare to help you learn how to connect with every personality and grow your business.

During this ground-breaking seminar, we’ll teach you how to:
1. Identify each of the 4 main personality types
2. Learn tips how to connect to each personality type
3. Learn the emotion triggers and buying babits of each personality type
4. How to communicate effectively with each personality type



Mon, August 14, 2017

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT



Katie Boucher


Ticket, Info



Indy Laser

172 W Carmel Dr.

Carmel, IN 46032