The intent of the 2017 Center for Healthy Aging 28th annual conference is to consider… What
matters in the care of the older adult? Topics include from how healthcare is delivered; where
seniors want to receive their healthcare; changing attitudes about aging; and providing
individualized care for the multiple medical conditions seen most commonly in the elderly. To
understand these concepts we will begin the day with proposing a significantly different approach
to the aging patient with multimorbidities. Tantamount to the aging process is the interplay of wellbeing
and health, which we will discuss, including the potential to maximize well-being in later life.
With increased life expectancy being a relatively new phenomenon in human history, we need
to acknowledge the greatly increased numbers of people we will see with cognitive decline and
dementia. We will discuss how we might better deal with impaired cognition by making an earlier
diagnosis. Foremost, we need to consider how we can enhance the care of these patients and their
families and caregivers.

Another component to the day will be reviewing elderly-specific guidelines with topics such as using
the appropriate influenza vaccine; elderly specific blood pressure treatment goals; enhancing gait and
balance; appropriate medication use; and advanced care planning.

This conference is meant to enhance the knowledge base and skills of physicians, nurses, pharmacists,
psychologists, dietitians, allied health and rehabilitation therapists, social workers, health facility
administrators, and other interested health care professionals.



Friday, March 10, 2017

8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (EST)



St.Vincent Medical Group Center for Healthy Aging

Event Information




Ritz Charles Banquet & Conference Center
12156 N. Meridian Street
Carmel, IN 46032