Business plans are an important part of every entrepreneur’s success kit. At least, most startups have a cocktail napkin with ideas scattered over it. But often “at least”  is actually “at most.” That’s no way to run a business.

Traditional business plans are detailed, researched, fact filled reports that provide a wealth of information as a foundation for the business. They tell the mission of the business, the vision that created the idea, the market the business operates in, projections of sales and profits and resource needs. They are important documents and needed for the purpose of getting the business off the ground–if you are setting up General Motors.

What we will discuss is a framework for planning that starts with an idea, tries it out, learns from the results and then moves the business forward based on those results. Try, analyze, modify and repeat.

You will learn the difference between “Flying by the Seat of your Pants” and “Shooting from the hip.” You will also learn if hip-shooting is ever worthwhile.

You will find out how to mximize the cocktail napkin model for ongoing planning. You will even find out when you should begin working on your traditional business plan as a tool for bankers, investors and even nervous customers who want to see that you are a “real” business.

And, you will walk away with your next business step ready to implement immediately.

This is our first visit to MainSource Bank as our venue. Lunch will be served.

First time attenders are always free, and individual tickets for return guests start at $20. Discount packages are available for multiple ticket purchases. Contact the organizer for details.



Fri, March 31, 2017

11:00 AM – 1:30 PM EDT



Profitability Roundtable

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MainSource Bank

8740 South Emerson Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46237