The Bureau, Imagine This Career Journey, and Apprenace proudly present:

Employees: Incorporated

A Workshop Series Designed to Promote Development of Employees and Retain Talent

Tuesday, October 17th
09:00am – 10:30am

Do you have a clear understanding of…

  • Why over 50% of U.S. employees are ‘Not Engaged’ and what’s driving the sustainability of this lack of engagement?
  • Why so many employers dismiss the cultural reality of generations in the workplace and how their misperceptions contribute to low engagement?
  • How to maximize individuals’ contributions including self?
  • How to build a training program that supports employee development and success?


Do you know about…

  • The struggles companies are having across the U.S. to find talent and what’s causing this phenomenon even though the unemployment rate is low?
  • Why ‘OnBoarding’ is critical to any business and what it entails?
  • The application of ‘Acclimation and Assimilation’ to maximize employee contributions?
  • The definition of a ‘Learning Culture’ and how to effectively grow one?
  • How not to over-complicate development and feedback initiatives?


Lastly, do you understand…

  • The present trends and future projections affecting our country’s ability to remain globally competitive?
  • What strategies and plans you need to employ to acquire and develop leaders in your organization?
  • How to be present such that you create a more inclusive and dynamic working environment?


During these dynamic workshops, Stacey will peel back the layers of our U.S. workplace and workforce cultures to give you a realistic view of who we’ve become and how we got here. He will challenge conventional thinking and give you strategies to grow and sustain your business through effective utilization of our most valuable asset – PEOPLE. Stacey will provide an overview of the present trends affecting talent acquisition and discuss future projections to help you get ahead of the sustainability curve. He will help you plan rather than react to these global changes.



Tue, October 17, 2017
9:00 AM – 10:30 AM EDT



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