RixNewsWire publishes and distributes news, press releases, and events about people and organizations in your local area.

Whether your business is commerce or technology, finance or healthcare, arts, government, or nonprofits, RixNewsWire helps you stay on top of the latest local headlines — plus, share your company news and press releases with an informed cross-section of local industry leaders and business owners.

We publish news straight from the source, the original authors of the press release. No editorial bias, favoritism to advertisers, misquotes or modifications.

Since our service is tailored towards the local community, this allows smaller organizations a voice in an otherwise crowded and noisy news world. We filter out the junk so you’ll be heard by our local subscribers, and those subscribers know they’re getting a comprehensive source of strictly local news.

We promote the news several ways, through posting on RixNewsWire.com, by posting on Facebook and Twitter, and by publishing a weekly email digest.

RixNewsWire is a division of Midwest Technology Ventures, Inc. and is published by Rick Lamb.

Rick Lamb

Judy Morton edits and reviews the press releases, maintains the website, and creates the email and digital marketing campaigns.

Judy Morton

We’re based on the original concept of TampaBayNewswire.com, a long time successful news service created by Nancy Howe in Tampa Bay Florida. Nancy serves as advisor and mentor to us and to RixNewsWire.

Nancy Howe

Nancy Howe

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